• Consumables-free, remote,rapid optical detection of plant pathogensDr. Lan

2019 -09 -26

An analytical spectrum is obtained by projecting an excitation beam to a plant, and then the plant is judged whether pathogens exist on it by means of the AI analysis. In comparison with current biochemical detection methods, this technology possesses some advantages: rapid detection within three seconds; remote detection without the destruction of plants and culture bottles; no economic and labor costs; no requirement of experienced or trained operators; the achievement of “automation” and “general inspection.” This technology has been successfully tested on not only plants but also bottled seedlings for the rapid detection of viruses affecting the appearance of economical and ornamental orchids (e.g. CyMV and ORSV). The research team has cooperated with important national orchid farms in the hope of contributing a little to our country, the orchid kingdom, with increasing competitiveness.


本技術獲選為2019未來科技展「未來科技突破獎」,了解更多:Consumables-free, remote, and rapid optical detection of plant pathogens__Dr. Lan

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