TIE Award 2022
Winners Announcement!

The first TIE Award (Tech Innovation Excellence Award) has selected outstanding innovative technologies from global startups, legal persons, academic and research institutions, and called on Taiwan's well-known semiconductors to find potential and competitive companies.

The TIE Award has attracted top startup teams from 25 countries to compete, a total of 119 technologies have entered the competition, and the top ten semiconductor companies have formed as judge panel. After the initial review, 30 teams entered the semi-finals, including 9 overseas countries from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile and Taiwan. The participating teams were conducted in English throughout the pitching process, demonstrating their international energy.

* The winning teams must exhibit onsite with a representative present at the Future Tech Pavilion(FUTEX) of Taiwan Innotech Expo(TIE) and participate in the Demo Day. Teams that fail to fulfill this condition will forfeit all awards and prizes won.